Pressure Washers

Easy to use, consistent results and professional reputation. These factors have been consistent with our pressure washer vendors when it comes to working with a leasing company and the programs that are developed. Lease Corporation of America has cultivated a relationship with our pressure washer vendors and their customers by customizing flexible monthly payment programs.

LCA also knows the pressure washer industry! In many cases, standard lease programs do not fit customers' equipment needs. That's why we adopted a seasonal payment program, making acquiring the pressure washer equipment more affordable with larger payments during active months and lower payments during slower months. LCA has also adopted Zero Down and Dealer Inventory programs that have proven to be very attractive alternatives.

After listening to our vendors over the years, LCA has designed 30/60/90-day deferred programs to allow the ROI generated by the equipment to begin paying for the monthly payment before it is even due.

Lease Corporation of America: Financing you can trust SM

LCA provides our pressure washer vendors with flexible, innovative equipment leasing and finance programs, treating each and every one with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. We also educate all of our vendors on the benefits of leasing and finance options, including:

  • Competitive lease rates with LCA Bank Corporation
  • Option to build in additional profit
  • Syndication desk for marginal and start-up credits
  • 2- to 4-hour credit turnaround time and up to $150,000 application only
  • LCA will prepare all lease documents
  • eSignature lease documents
  • Standard and specialized lease programs including LCA’s 12-Month 0% Interest or Zero Down, 90 Days Deferred
  • Pre-funding available with vendor approval

We make it easy to begin the process. Simply fill out our secure, online Vendor Profile and submit it directly to our credit department.

Guided by helping our pressure washer vendors realize their full business potential through equipment leasing, LCA pursues our mission with compassion, excellence and, above all, trust. The people and businesses we service deserve nothing less than perfection.

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