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When outfitting a new business or adding items to an expanding business, the costs can start to add up quickly. When the costs add up quickly, the project can become smaller, may be postponed or it may impact your product margins. LCA can help by offering a finance option for your customers, relieving the headache of the large cash outlay, overcoming a budgetary constraint and keeping your product margins intact. Custom lease programs that fit the needs of the customer will let them obtain the furniture they need now and pay for it over time with a manageable monthly payment.

There are a number of reasons why eight out of 10 American businesses have embraced leasing to finance their office furniture and equipment. Among the many reasons are that leasing provides tax advantages, preserves credit lines and offers faster approvals than when going through a bank. 

Contact LCA and see how we can help you increase your sales by offering a financing option.

Office Furniture Leasing Options

  • FMV, $1.00 Buy- Out, Stated Purchase Option and  Equipment Finance Agreements
  • Municipal Leasing
  • Step Lease
  • Pre-funding or Progress payments available
  • Custom Programs- Let our experts help you design the right program for your business
  • eSignature documentation program-no more paper

Lease Corporation of America: Financing you can trust SM

LCA provides our office furniture vendors with flexible, innovative equipment finance programs, treating each and every one with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. We also educate all of our vendors on the benefits of finance options, including:

  • Competitive lease rates with LCA Bank Corporation
  • Pre-funding available with vendor approval
  • Credit turnaround time as quickly as 2 hours
  • Syndication desk for marginal and start-up credits
  • Up to $150,000 application only (no financial statements required)
  • LCA will prepare all lease documents via electronic signature or PDF

We make it easy to begin the process. Simply fill out our secure, online Vendor Profile and submit it directly to our credit department.

Guided by helping our office furniture vendors realize their full business potential through equipment financing, LCA pursues our mission with compassion, excellence and, above all, trust. The people and businesses we serve are worthy of our very best.

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