Alternative Fuel Burners

When it comes to alternative energy sources to heat a building – commercial, agricultural or municipalities – wood and waste oil burning technology leads the way. Reliability, efficiency and performance are at the top of the list when it comes to considering an alternative energy source furnace or boiler. Lease Corporation of America has been working with the top manufacturers of these types of equipment for many years, and we can help introduce leasing as part of the selling process.

LCA offers manufacturers and distributors customized financing programs, including a dealer inventory program, that can be offered to customers as an alternative to paying cash. We know how expensive these systems can be and by offering a leasing option, a customer can get the solution they need now and pay for it over time with a manageable monthly payment...letting the ROI of the equipment essentially start covering the monthly payment.


LCA can offer leasing on a number of alternative energy equipment, including:

  • Wood Chip & Pellet Furnaces
  • Forced Air Furnaces
  • Waste Oil Heaters and Boilers
  • Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces

Lease Corporation of America: Financing you can trust SM

LCA provides our alternative fuel burner vendors with flexible, innovative equipment leasing and finance programs, treating each and every one with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. We also educate all of our vendors on the benefits of leasing and finance options, including:

  • Competitive lease rates with LCA Bank Corporation
  • Option to build in additional profit
  • Syndication desk for marginal and start-up credits
  • 2- to 4-hour credit turnaround time and up to $150,000 application only
  • LCA will prepare all lease documents
  • eSignature lease documents
  • Standard and specialized lease programs including LCA’s 12-Month 0% Interest or Zero Down, 90 Days Deferred
  • Pre-funding available with vendor approval

We make it easy to begin the process. Simply fill out our secure, online Vendor Profile and submit it directly to our credit department.

Guided by helping our alternative fuel burner vendors realize their full business potential through equipment leasing, LCA pursues our mission with compassion, excellence and, above all, trust. The people and businesses we service deserve nothing less than perfection.

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