As an added value, LCA offers myLEASE®  - FREE - to all of our approved vendors. If you are not an approved vendor yet and you want to start taking advantage, click here to fill out a simple form or contact one of our dedicated myLEASE Account Executives.

myLEASE enables your sales people the ability to generate real-time, financing quotes for themselves or their customers, whether onsite or in the field. myLEASE dynamically adjusts to fit the screen size of any device – laptop, tablet, smartphone – it is not just the entire site shrunken down.

When a quote is submitted, the customer instantly receives an email with all pertinent details and you also receive a notification that someone is interested in using financing for your products. In addition, Apply Now buttons are strategically located throughout the myLEASE site – and in the quote submission email – to make it easy for your customers to submit applications. With myLEASE, you will be a true leasing expert in the eyes of your customers.

The documents below will help educate you on the benefits of offering a finance option to your customers and how to use LCA to promote your company’s finance program. You can review these documents online or download and print them to share with your salesforce. Whether a concise, one-page overview or a detailed PowerPoint presentation, we have it available to you. To get started, click here to be taken to the getMYLEASE page, where you can submit everything needed for us to build your brand new myLEASE site.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your LCA Account Executive at 800-800-8098 or click here to send a message to our sales team.

myLEASE Tools:

    • One-page Overview

      This document is a one-page overview of the myLEASE program

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    • Next Steps

      Step-by-step details that explain how to get your own myLEASE microsite

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    • Get myLEASE

      Fill out this simple form to get your own myLEASE microsite

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    • myLEASE Example

      See an example of this customizable tool in action

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