Equipment financing offers many benefits. As vendors and end-users increasingly utilize leasing for their transactions, it’s important that vendors have a fast, efficient and effective channel to track their business transactions, submit new applications and provide high-quality, accurate and professional looking quotes from within a single, convenient portal.

When you sign-up for lcaDIRECT, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Hassle-free registration process
  • Concise, informative Dashboards
  • Simple and insightful Reporting
  • Quick and convenient Application Submission interface
  • Accurate and professional customer Quote Generator
  • Intuitive User Management controls

lcaDIRECT also provides you the opportunity to submit new applications directly into the LCA credit department. Unlike paper applications, lcaDIRECT’s automated, electronic applications prompt the user to complete the field requirements, depending on the situation.  This makes it virtually impossible to get it wrong. Forget the clunky faxing process. Instead, you would simply follow the prompts to complete the application and, with the click of a button, submit the application and all of the supporting documentation.

If you believe having all this capability in one place is important, then lcaDIRECT is for you. Contact your LCA Account Executive at 800-800-8098 or click here to send a message to our sales team.

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