Municipal Finance Solution

Lease Corporation of America provides financing for municipal entities such as schools, police, and fire departments. Across the country, knowledgeable states, cities, towns and villages are turning to LCA's municipal finance programs as a viable way to provide critical financing solutions for equipment needs. LCA has the flexible financing solutions that Municipalities need to receive the equipment they need now.

Benefits of our Finance Solutions to Municipalities

  • Preservation of capital dollars for other projects
  • Manage cash flow efficiently
  • Repayment terms can be structured to meet individual needs
  • Low tax exempt fixed rates
  • Offers an alternative financing option without voter approval
  • Provides project financing (including soft costs)
  • Spreads out the cost of an asset over the useful life of that asset
  • Maximize limited budget funds
  • Avoid large lump sum expenditures

Benefits to Dealers

  • Offer a competitive and complete finance solution to municipalities
  • Provide a funding solution to meet a municipality's budget demands
  • A finance solution from LCA will shorten your sales cycle by eliminating the need for the municipality to seek voter approval or meeting complicated bond financing requirements