Financing vs Purchase

Why should I finance equipment rather than purchasing the equipment outright?

Improve Cash Flow/More Equipment

Financing offers the flexibility of handling possible budget constraints through affordable monthly payments. Instead of allocating a large portion of your budget upfront, your company can finance the equipment to fulfill your needs while earmarking the rest of your budget toward other income-producing areas. Financing also affords you the opportunity to purchase more equipment that better services your current needs without the large initial capital outlay.

Fixed-Rate Financing

Monthly finance payments are fixed throughout the term of the agreement based on the rate factor provided by your LCA Account Executive. This rate factor is multiplied by the total cost of the equipment to determine your monthly payment. Once your finance transaction has funded through LCA, your payment will not change – which gives you a predictable monthly payment and a hedge against inflation.

Reduce Technological Obsolescence

With today’s advanced rate of technological change, obsolescence occurs at a rate which purchasing may not allow you to maintain. Financing is based on utilizing the equipment for a set period of time after which you can trade it in and finance new, state of the art equipment.

Maintenance & Warranties

Even though you are financing your equipment (not owning), all manufacturer warranties are passed on to you. Repairs and service are handled in the same manner as if you purchased the equipment outright.

Flexible Financing Options

Your LCA Account Executive can work with you to design a payment schedule that meets your budget and your business requirements. Options include zero down, 60 and 90 day deferred payments, step or skip payments or seasonal.

Keep Your Credit Lines Open

Financing provides an additional source of capital without affecting your established lines of credit. With 100% financing and adjustable terms designed to fit your budget, financing can improve your cash flow without breaking the bank.

Finance the Entire Amount of the Sale

By financing your equipment acquisition, you can include the entire amount of the sale into your monthly payment including equipment, accessories, software, delivery and installation and other applicable one-time costs. Working in conjunction with your equipment supplier, LCA’s finance programs can include monthly service fees on the same invoice.