The restaurant industry is vital to the fast-paced, busy lives of many working Americans and food is a key part of any culture. As small or mid-sized restaurant, you may find yourself in need of new or better equipment because of your growing popularity. By using hardware offered at Lease Corporation of America, you can create a memorable environment for your restaurant guests and maximize the production of your staff.  

At Lease Corporation of America, you can get everything you need under one lease agreement.  You’ll find leasing options on a variety of equipment including: 

  • Deep Frryers
  • Stoves
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • POS

Lease Corporation of America: Financing you can trust SM

Lease Corporation of America provides quick, easy leasing options for your company in the restaurant industry.

The LCA advantage includes periodical payments allowing affordable cash flow for up-and-coming entrepreneurs; 179 tax deductions may be available and can help new businesses cut down expenses; and, finally, long-term assets are available via purchase and ownership of the equipment we provide. Additionally, we allow businesses to upgrade their equipment in a new lease. 

Need a Vendor? We can refer you to one of our contacts appropriate for your leasing needs.