Manufacturing companies seem to be in constant need of new and improved equipment. Whether you’re buying new machinery to replace outdated equipment or expanding your business, updated manufacturing equipment is essential for production and business growth but this can be expensive. This is where leasing can make a difference. To continue to produce your products, it is necessary to have the right tools to do so, however, new equipment purchases may not be in your company’s budget. Let LCA help you get the equipment you need.

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Lease Corporation of America works with thousands of vendors within a very large and diverse number of industries. LCA is in the business of understanding your industry and developing custom equipment leasing solutions that fit within your budget and help your company prosper.

Let one of Lease Corporation of America’s knowledgeable and experienced Account Executives work with your chosen vendor and help you get the equipment you need now and pay for it over a period of time with a manageable monthly payment.

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