Equipment Leasing

There are many advantages to equipment leasing for you as the vendor and your customers. 

Leasing can pay for itself with the revenues generated from the use of equipment.  You can pay for today's productivity with tomorrow's dollars. Leasing is simple and convenient and ensures that your customer has the equipment he or she needs--when he or she needs it. 

Customer (Lessee) Benefits 

  • 100% financing including installation, training, maintenance and freight 
  • Leasing conserves cash 
  • Flexibility through creative payment terms 
  • Leasing can provide obsolescence protection
  • Fixed monthly payment 

Vendor Benefits 

  • Selling monthly payments can be easier and more affordable than cash 
  • Increase the size of the order--sell more expensive or additional equipment/accessories 
  • Generate additional fee income/commissions by selling lease programs with dealer cash incentives 
  • Sell more equipment through upgrades at the end of the lease

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