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The U.S. electric vehicle (EV) market has witnessed tremendous advances in both technology and battery life.  This has led to an accelerated growth rate in EV sales, which in turn is fueled by more and more manufacturers adding EVs to their vehicle line-up.  Add to that a 70% projection of new passenger vehicles will be zero-emission by 2040 on a global scale, and there is potential for explosive growth in EV charging stations.  This is where LCA enters the picture.

LCA is at the forefront of financing EV charging stations.  With its extensive experience financing traditional fuel dispensers, LCA is ideally suited to finance their green counterparts.

LCA will work with both the EV charging station suppliers, as well as end users purchasing the equipment.  Focusing on Level 2 and Level 3 charging solutions, from small workplaces, hospitality and retail stores to vehicle fleets and public transport, LCA can build customized finance programs that will benefit all parties involved.  In addition, we can finance the entire EV charging system, including the all-important software that manages the entire operation.

What you need to get Equipment for your Business

Securing equipment financing or working capital involves an application process like any other loan. You’ll want to understand your needs and have your information in order before starting the loan application process.

There are several factors that we will consider when providing equipment financing or working capital but these four “musts” are commonly required.

The Four MUSTs


a registered / licensed commercial entity in good standing


a quick and easy credit application to LCA's Credit Department


acceptable credit history for your business and/or personally


the equipment from a commercial entity in good standing

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Working with LCA for your EV Charging Station financing needs is different because LCA is there to assist from start to finish. Our sole focus is doing everything we can to provide companies with the funding they need in an effort to help them achieve business success.